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Gun Rentals

We offer a variety of gun rentals. We also have the Glock rental program.

At S.E.T. Guns And Range, we know that the wrong handgun or firearm can deliver more of a kick to sport shooting than one might expect. Even an experienced firearm owner may find that blind shooting a new rifle or handgun can be almost as difficult as shooting while blindfolded. That is why our firearm rentals are so essential in solving the problem of blind shooting for beginners as well as experienced marksmen. We supply reasonably priced rental firearms for virtually every sport shooting occasion.

If you are considering purchasing a gun, shooting a handgun or rifle from our broad assortment of used stock may help you make the right decision. If you only require a firearm for the shooting range, our experienced team will outfit you with a handgun that fits your hand perfectly or a rifle that fits comfortably against your shoulder.

Choose S.E.T. Guns And Range for all of your handgun rentals today.

Gun Rentals: About Us
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